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Signature Solar Panels
Carter Glass Signature Solar Panels


To date, there has been a lot of hype and misinformation about the true benefits of installing solar panels. The truth of the matter is that installing solar panels makes sense.


Not only do you get a guaranteed government endorsed payment for the surplus electricity that you generate, but you can use everything you generate for free, for life.


Efficiencies in solar tecnhology and panel manufacturing have resulted in genuine financial benefits being readily achievable in a domestic environment.


Furthermore, we are fully regulated by the government and use state of the art measuring equipment to determine how much electricity your individual house will generate, so you will know exactly what the financial benefits to you will be before making any commitments.


How It Works



Benefits of Solar Panels


  • Cash for you - Government endorsed payments for all surplus electricity you feed bak into the local grid.

  • Avoid future energy tax - the government are planning a higher council tax and stamp duty if homeowners refuse to make their homes greener. A recent anouncement that £60-£80 can be added to your bills as a 'green' surcharge.

  • Free energy for life - everything you generate, you can use - for free, for life.

  • Generate energy all year round - your solar array will continue to produce electricity all day and at any time of ther year...even on cloudy days!

  • Absolutely green - reduce your carbon footprint by 20% and your reliance on the National Grid which still uses fossil fuels to generate the majority of your electricity.

  • Low maintenance - no moving parts means that your panels require virtually no maintenance to keep them performing at their optimium level.

  • Quick to install - domestic installations take only a day to complete


Carter Glass - Solar Panels


The Installation Process


Initial Assessment


The first stage is an initial assessment of your property, whereby we can explain the technology to you, answer all your questions, address any concerns that you may have.


At this point, we will be able to estimate the potential system performance using government controlled data, as well as explaining the Feed in Tariff system.


From here, we will offer you a free, no-obligation quotation which is subject to a formal suitability survey.


Suitability Survey


There are certain factors that need to be taken into account when installing solar panels (location, type of roof, shading factors etc).


The surveyor wlll detail his findings in a report and go through all relevant points with you.


7 Day Right To Cancel


Carter Glass - Solar Panel Installation

If you are happy with the surveyors report, then you will be asked to sign an official order and pay a deposit, which is insured in accordance with the Office of Fair Trading andthe Consumer Codes Approval Scheme.


You then have a 7 day cooling off period, whereby should you decide not to proceed then your deposit is returned in full.




We obtain, on your behalf, all appropriate building regulations and permits. After which, your panels are physically installed and connected to the Grid.




Once the installation is completed, tested and we have gone through everything with you, we provide you with a handover pack containing all relevant certificates, guarantees and other documentation.



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