Soffits, Fascias & Bargeboards


Fascias, soffits and barge boards are fundamental, yet often overlooked, parts in your home’s roofline as they keep the roof watertight .


Without sounding alarmist, the UK weather is becoming more and more unpredictable with extreme weather situations becoming the norm.


Your roofline is the most vulnerable area of your home, being exposed to all the elements and other hazards such as blocked gutters, decaying roofing felt and rotten timbers.


Replacement with PVC products not only removes the worry of expensive replacement of timbers but also eliminates the need for repainting.


We supply and install a fully integrated uPVC roofline system consisting of fascias, bargeboards, soffits and gutters with a wide range of standard and decorative roofline components and trims perfect for new build or refurbishment projects.


Most of our customers choose white rooflines but there's no reason why you couldn't choose other colours that would complement the style and surroundings of your home.


Why Replacing Your Soffits & Fasicas Is A Good Idea


When water has no where to flow to it takes the easiest path. In many cases this can between the cavity of your walls; this can result is saturated insulation that no longer keeps you warm and increases your utility bills.


Should this be allowed to continue you run a high risk of cracks in your external wall finish, rotting your lintels that provide the structural strength across the top of your windows and also damaging the bottom external sills of your windows.


While all this is going on the rot in your roof joist ends and continuing to rot into the attic space and will eventually show up as either wet or dry rot depending on the ventilation within your loft, in extreme cases of neglect your roof could collapse and land in on you or your children!


You may well also experience dampness or leaks on your internal walls, which could damage your floors, walls, wall support, electrics, and decorations such as paint finishings, wallpaper and curtains and electrical items.


With dampness you may well get fungus that gives of spores that are hazardous to your health and are extremely dangerous to those that have lung conditions such as asthma.


We fully understand and appreciate that soffits & fascias are not the most exciting component of your home, but they are vital and the longer damaged boards are left to the elements, the greater the damage and the more expensive the replacement becomes.





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