We offer the complete range from the traditional Edwardian to the modern Sun Lounge design,no matter how you intend to use your conservatory, style, comfort and peace of mind are assured.


If you live in a modern home, a contemporary conservatory with clean uncluttered lines and large expanses of glass will probably suit your needs.


However, if you live in a period property, especially if this is within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or Conservation Area, then you will need to think about a traditional conservatory.

Edwardian Style


Edwardian-style conservatories are characterised by strong, clean lines, and are predominantly square or rectangular, evoking the character of the time. The elegance of Edwardian design is combined with effortless simplicity and minimal clutter.


One of the most popular aspects of the Edwardian design is that it maximises floor space, giving you more freedom to personalise the interior of the conservatory.


Georgian Style


A Georgian Conservatory will suit many period homes built between 1720 and 1840 and neo-Georgian homes built since that time. However, very few authentic Georgian Conservatories remain apart from those attached to stately homes.


Today’s Georgian Conservatories are really only conservatories that have been inspired by the period rather than reproductions of what was built at the time.


Victorian Style


The Victorian mania for conservatories took off when engineering allowed the marriage of glass, wrought iron and wood.


There are various styles of Victorian Conservatory as architecture changed substantially throughout Victoria’s long reign. Typical designs include Gothic Conservatories and the confusingly named Queen Anne style.




Growing in popularity, an orangery is an attractive alternative to a conservatory.


They are particularly popular for kitchen extensions and extensions that require privacy from a footpath or road that passes close by.


Orangeries also provide privacy from above if it is overlooked from your own or a neighbouring property.


The     Range


Independence allows us to be free from using outdated technology thereby ensuring that we always supply the best products available.


The Signature range is currently Europe's most advanced double glazing offering unbeaten insulation, thermodynamics and security. The host of features include:


  • streamlined locks that are extremely low profile and not visible from the outside

  • ENERGY STAR® qualified and NFRC certified – providing performance you can depend on

  • uses advanced Super Spacer® as a standard to create insulated glass with a warm edge around the perimeter. Super Spacer is a non-metallic, structural foam spacer that blocks heat escape, dramatically reduces condensation, holds insulating gases better than other spacers, and offsets the effects of temperature changes to prevent stress cracks

  • Signature’s MicroShield antimicrobial triple weather stripping maximizes resistance to air and water infiltration, mold, dust, fungi, pollen, and harmful bacteria

  • Can structurally withstand winds up to 171mph compared with the typical 90mph industry standard







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